Dickens Village by Department 56

Step back in time to the enchanting world of Victorian England with our Dickens' Village Series® from Department 56. This exquisite collection captures the essence of the era that Charles Dickens so brilliantly depicted in his writings – an era that was the epicenter of cultural richness and the birthplace of many traditions we cherish today. Each piece in the series reflects the architectural splendor, customs, and history of Victorian England, bringing to life the quaint and distinguished settings of Dickens' narratives. From charming cobblestone streets to elegantly adorned shop fronts, the meticulous detail of these buildings and accessories offers a captivating glimpse into a bygone era. The Dickens' Village Series® is more than just a collection; it's an inspiration, inviting you to make these timeless pieces a part of your holiday traditions and to celebrate the heritage and beauty of Victorian England during the festive season.

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