Cool White Christmas Lights

Evoke the crisp, frosty feel of a winter wonderland with our Cool White LED lights, available in both Cluster and Compact designs. These radiant LEDs emit a bright, icy glow, perfect for crafting a contemporary holiday atmosphere, both indoors and out.

Cluster Cool White LED Lights
Our Cluster Cool White LED lights offer a rich, celestial charm. Select from 23ft or 33ft strand lengths, densely packed with either 448 or 768 bulbs. The wire comes in either clear or dark green options, to effortlessly blend with your decor.

With a 13ft lead wire and a 1/2" spacing between bulbs, these lights are perfect for creating a starry spectacle. Choose from 8 dynamic light functions to match your festive mood. Backed by a 50,000-hour warranty, these lights will add a modern edge to your holiday decorations for years to come.

Compact Cool White LED Lights
Enhance your Christmas with the luminous glow of our Compact Cool White LED lights. With a 1" spacing, these lights offer an abundant glow in strand lengths of 46ft, 84ft, or 121ft, and a bulb count of 500, 1,000, or 1,500.

Choose from clear or dark green wiring to seamlessly merge with your Christmas tree or outdoor decor. Equipped with a 10ft lead wire and 8 enchanting light functions, these lights are perfect for creating a stunning holiday display. With a 50,000-hour warranty, you can trust their quality and longevity.

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